Agility - Competition

Also known as Trekking-Competiton

For the first time we invited the great relatives of the Alpacas – the Llamas – to participate in our show. 

In order to be able to show their special utilization as a Trekking or Hiking animal to the interested guests, we will establish an obstacle course, also for the first time. Of course the one or other Alpaca will also prove its qualities in the course.Trail2_Vogelsberglamas

Agility translated means facility, liveliness and mobility. And that this is what it is all about: Obstacles like slalom, blanket and flattering curtain, seesaw jumps or limbo will be the challenges. Let yourself be surprised how easily the camelids can pass the course, even with baggage. 

Everyone can participate; no membership in a club is required. There are also no special requirements for the animals. Geldings are also highly welcome! There is no dress code, but there are no references to names or farms allowed on the clothes.

Some restrictions for the veterinary office apply though as well as the breeder declaration (even if you are not a breeder) needs to be signed fulfill requirements to protect against epidemics. Of course, a unique identification by the means of a microchip of the animal is required. Related documents and registration forms can be found in the Download area.

Join us! This is going to be a lot of fun!


Registration deadline isthe

 15th of February 2015

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